Dominion Capital Strategies Limited (DSCL) has chosen Guernsey for its base because it is one of Europe´s most significant international financial centres.

What follows is an explanation of how this jurisdiction contributes to Dominion’s strengths, and what makes it such a safe, reliable, and advantageous choice for investors.

1. British crown dependence

The principal authority over Guernsey is Queen Elizabeth II, who has a representative in Guernsey acting as Governor. As a British jurisdiction, you can trust Guernsey’s regulators, legislators, and acting professionals to be fully trustworthy and transparent.

2. Expertise in the financial industry (banks, insurance, and mutual funds)

There are over 30 international banks, 800 insurers, and over 1000 international mutual funds located in Guernsey. In mutual funds alone, more than US$328 billion are managed. This is a clear indication of the expertise and security that Guernsey offers to key players in the global financial industry.

3. Segregated accounts

Guernsey law establishes that Dominion Capital Strategies Limited (DCSL)’s assets are not to be confused with client´s assets. As a result, DCSL has an account for clients’ funds and another, separate, account for charges and commissions. In case of DCSL bankruptcy, only the account corresponding to charges and commissions can be accessed, not the account holding clients’ funds. DCSL´s custodian bank has signed a letter stating that it is aware that the account holding clients’ funds cannot be affected by DCLS debt, meaning investors can have absolute faith that their money is as safe as can be.

4. Succession planning

You can freely appoint beneficiaries without pre-established limitations.

5. Excellent AML control

Guernsey complies with 48/49 money laundering prevention policies established by the FATF. This makes Guernsey one of the world’s most compliant jurisdictions – even more so than the USA! MY : DCS NEWS March 2019

6. Unbeatable credit rating

Independent risk rating agencies assess issuers´ credit risk (countries, companies, etc.) and grade them. Standard & Poor’s graded Guernsey with AA-. This is an excellent grade, which demonstrates the jurisdiction’s seriousness in regards to the finance industry.

7. No taxation of non-residents

Unlike the USA, in some cases Switzerland, and elsewhere, in Guernsey there are no taxes imposed on non-residents. The client only has to worry about taxes in his or her country of residence. In conclusion, we firmly believe that Guernsey is an excellent choice of jurisdiction because it combines the security and seriousness that our clients deserve, with attractive advantages in terms of fiscal and inheritance matters.

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